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DIY FUNGI - Using Mushrooms for Food, Planet & Soil


DIY Fungi: Using Mushrooms for Food, Planet and Soil
February 23, 2019
$30-50 sliding scale
Venmo: @Floraytierra

Mushrooms and their Fungi relatives interconnect all other systems we are dependent on. We are part of a diverse web of life, those connections rely on each other for survival. They are the hidden life force of cells working together to connect life, restore balance, nourish and cultivate healthy systems.

Journey through the complex web & ancient world of mushrooms. Explore how they grow in nature then, how they nurture us in return. Forging our immune systems, circulation, anti-inflammation & more. Exploring the many ways we can integrate Fungi into our regimens & systems. Mushrooms and their underground network of cells called mycelium are the unsung champions often missing from our studies, culture and horticulture practices. Learn the basics to recognizing them in the field.

Explore different ways to grow them for food & medicine. Take home skills to get started incorporating mushrooms in your kitchen, garden and medicine cabinet.

Everyone goes home with an Oyster Mushroom starter to begin growing their own mushrooms on waste streams and more.

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Later Event: March 7
Healing Power of Mushrooms