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Fruition Seeds Farm Store + Foraging Foray + Wine Cap Mushroom Class

May 18 Frution Seeds Farm Store Foraging + Wine Cap Mushroom Class
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Join me in the beautiful Finger Lakes! Fruition Seeds is THE SPOT to get all your organic gardening needs met!

Smugtown Mushrooms will have my full market stand open for this special day and we then teach a class on using your Wine Cap spawn!


-Join us from 830-945am for a Wild Food Foray, Learn to properly identify and ethically enjoy harvestable food + medicine from the wild.

-Wine Cap Class begins after the Farm Store closes, at 2pm

Grow Wine Cap Mushrooms for Food + Soil Health

Let us use all our senses to learn about the vast & diverse world of mushroom & fungi.  Examining their ancient story that connects humans and all life to them. Take a look at the roles mushrooms play within our lives, the forest, and in food systems. Learn basic concepts of mycology, the study of Fungi.  Enter into the "wood wide web" and find out how these organisms exist in nature & in return be nurtured by them, for food, medicine & ceremony. Together we will explore the many ways we can integrate Fungi into our systems.  One of the easiest ways is by eating them and growing them. Learn some basic methods for growing mushrooms in your garden or indoors. We will explain direct methods of cultivation of the Wine Cap Mushroom.  Wine caps are amazing and delicious mushrooms that can be planted in gardens, grow alongside your plants and create a polyculture of plants, mushrooms, microbes + more.

Wine Cap mushrooms have incredible tenacity and provide so much to us when we tap into their special ecological role they play.  They have notoriety for helping with water retention, building up soil, reducing erosion and even repairing soil damaged from human caused pollution.  Plus they’re edible and delicious.

-Together we install a Wine Cap bed so you can take that info to use + share

-We will visualize was it looks like to start creating myco-communities by growing and sharing the uses of fungi and mushrooms to better create networks and consistent growth of health, sustenance & sovereignty.