Smugtown Mushrooms

Greece Itinerary



This schedule is tentative and is subject to change

Info below is brief if you require more details please email

We travel over 500 miles together!

Day 1 Oct 15

Meet at 8am for coffee and snacks!

Depart Thessaloniki by 930am

1130am Grevana

Lunch at Aulais - well known mushroom theme restaurant

Roam Grevana to various shops etc

Depart 14:30 for Lefkada

Arrive in Lefkada 17:00

Walk the beach+ relax


20:00 Dinner

Day 2 Lefkada

Slow morning Breakfast @ 9:00

Waterfall and highland visit

Lunch in Eglouvi

Visit textile + farm museum in Karya

Walking tour, hiking etc

Dinner at Takis Taverna!!

Day 3 Lefkada


Open morning to visit beach, town etc

Packed Lunch/Picnic

Herb Walk with Aris, an elder and herbalist who runs ‘’Aromatika Phyta” a small, sustainable herbal extract producer from Lefkada.  Aris handpicks herbs and plants according to the Moon and Planetary influences.  All processes done by hand. We are super honored to have this elder land worker join us on this trip.

Visit Aris workshop, get herbal medicines, watch the sunset :)
Dinner with Aris!

Day 4 En route to Tzoumerka!

Breakfast/Leave Lefkada early

Scenic drive from the West Coast through the Southern Pindos

Lunch along the way

Arrive in Pramanda by 15:00

Lowland Hardwood Forest hike, a forest with Oak, Chestnut and Sycamore, providing unique mycorrhizal fruits as well as our favorite decomposers :)

Arrive at Refuge Melissourgon Tzoumerka

Settle in, free time

Dinner at Refuge 20:00

Day 5 Tzoumerka

Full day of Mushroom hiking, forays and forests!

We engage with Greek Mycologists, foragers, farmers, bee keepers and more! Learning from locals and their techniques of preparing mushrooms and how they use them for medicine and food.

Mycology experts TBA

This area is rich in diversity, wildlife and more

We will stay at the refuge all day, and be part of their Mushroom festival, which brings locals and tourists from all over the world. This mountainous area is a dense Fir forest, wild springs pouring from cracks in the Earth, mosses and lichens everywhere!  Experience a deep connection with this area! Hike to the waterfall! Enjoy many local vendors of organic products ranging from truffles goat cheese, teas, honey, crafts and more!

This day is open and provides a time for folks to attend our walks, or attend other tour in the area, cave exploring, hiking to the summit etc. or just chill, drink tea, relax and enjoy the clean mountain air and water.

All meals provided by the Refuge

Day 6 En route to Meteora

We rise early 8:00, visit another refuge as we leave the the region, enjoy their views and have coffee and breakfast

We travel out of the Pindos, slowly, making stops visiting shops, drinking springwater, picking herbs and enjoying the natural wonder

Arrive in Meteora 13:30


Walking Tours of the natural wonder of this amazing and famous town, snacks, culture and of course natural beauty!

Open evening - you’ll be able to explore the town on your own and with others in the group.

We reunite to have Dinner together 20:30

Day 7 Museum Day!

We rise and enjoy the beautiful morning in Meteora!

First, then visit the Natural History Museum + Mushroom Museum

Enjoy the morning in Meteora and take our time departing as we drive towards Pozar!

Arrive in Edessa 18:00

Visit Waterfall and Hemp Factory/Old City

Relax, settle in, open evening

Dinner 20:30 along the river + live music

Day 8 Hot Springs at Pozar

Breakfast in Edessa

Depart Edessa 10:00

Slowly enjoy the ascent to the headwaters of the river we visited in Edessa, stopping at local towns, picking herbs and mushrooms along the way

Arrive at Pozar by 11:30

We travel north to the border of Macedonia to Pozar, a famous hot spring location, enjoyed since antiquity

Enjoy a day of relaxation, hot springs, hiking + natural beauty.

Open day, lunch at one of the cafes along the river

Dinner 20:00 we visit a near-by town of Orma, to enjoy one of my favorite restaurants ever!

Day 9 Thessaloniki


Depart Pozar by 7:30

Arrive in Pella by 845AM

Visit the Pella Archeological Museum

Depart for Thessaloniki at 1030am

Arrive in Thessaloniki by 11:30

We visit my favorite markets!! First a cute neighborhood market, where I love getting great last minute gifts!

In that same neighborhood there’s vintage shop, cafes and the best homecooked food that we will get to sit down and enjoy for lunch!! Its sooooo good ! Another favorite food spot!

After we stuff ourselves we walk towards to city center along the Sea!

Visiting shops, more markets, ancient sites etc

Open late afternoon (folks will have their own time from 15:00-19:30 to visit spots of your choice, relax at a cafe, museums etc

Reunite for Dinner at Manitapi a mushroom theme restaurant :) 20:00

Evening walk, social time relaxation for the rest of the evening

Day 10 the Aegean

Our last day together reunites us back with the wild, we head the hills + the sea

We depart Thessaloniki area 8:00am

Visit olive groves, stopping at markets, visiting the Aegean Sea, enjoying the Sithonia Peninsula

Lunch alongside the Sea

Going from a dense coastal Pine forests to beautiful hardwood highland forests

Everyone will then be brought to our final sleeping spot to relax and enjoy our final evening together + Dinner