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Greece: Fungi + Flora + Forests + Food


REGISTRATION IS CLOSED FOR 2019 Trip! Stay tuned for 2020 dates~!


OCTOBER 15-24, 2019

The traditional image of Greece is typically coastlines and sparkling beaches of clear Mediterranean Sea water. And of course, those vistas are worth the rave, but Greece is more than the beach and islands, it’s the mountains, the wild rivers, the hot springs, the forests, the plants, its the slow paced villages to the busy late night streets of Thessaloniki. Not often is this diverse country noted for its wide ranging cuisine, diverse terrain and its flora and fauna. The varied landscapes and micro-regions are lush with color, aromas and views that a picture could never capture.  

Join Olga Tzogas from Smugtown Mushrooms as she takes you through the fantastic world of the mushrooms, fungi and flora of Greece.  Over the past decade Olga has been returning to her ancestral homeland, to explore not just the ancient ruins of Greece but also the ancient mycelial networks present there.  Come and learn about the relationships the locals have with certain species, their recipes and tips for finding them. Together we will experience the different bio-regions visited and the life that grows there during the fall months.

Smugtown Mushrooms is happy to bring out the fringe, and unique side of Greece. While offering an immersive, learning experience with a focus on mycology, biology, herbalism and botany.

Allow me to bring you to my favorite ancient open air markets, hot springs, taverns, cafes, beaches and of course mushroom hunting spots!  We will take a look at the rich natural history that defines this archaic country. We will visit a couple museums and folks will have free time to explore the urban & wild landscapes.

We'll walk on trails, stop along roadsides, so you can see mushrooms, birds, and wildflowers or rock formations, even butterflies and beetles. We want you to see what makes each area special, and enjoy a stimulating and well-planned retreat.

Come on our immersive trip!

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Whats included + Pricing:

Travel tips, what to expect & what to bring

We want to help folks be as prepared as possible.

Where do we plan on visiting?

Do you have your passport?

Have you packed well and accordingly?

How much spending money should you bring?

Will your dietary needs be met on this trip?

OCTOBER 15-24, 2019

Limited space: 10 people Maximun

10 days + nights of all inclusive lodging, meals and all ground transport

Activities, services and seminars : Plant walks, museums, foraging excursions with locals, swimming in springs, waterfalls + more!

Places visited:

Thessaloniki, Lefkada, Tzoumerka, Grevena, Meteroa, Edessa, Vergina…Loutra Aridaia/Pozar, Loutra Volvis + many villages in between :)


SALE: $500 taken off at check out

Single, private* room + bath $3600

Double occupancy private** room+ bath: $5600

*Sleep accommodations are clean, mostly private rooms. 2 nights of dormitory style sleeping arrangements occur during the retreat. This is due to location in very remote areas (more info HERE) (We suggest ear plugs or white noise machines.)

**Depending on location, some bathrooms will be shared