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Greece 2019

Sleeping Arrangements/Pricing

10 days + nights 10 person maximum

Single, private* room + bath: $3600

Double occupancy private** room+ bath: $5600(2ppl)

*Sleep accommodations are clean, basic, mostly private, but some dormitory style sleeping arrangements occur during the retreat .

Some nights we are booked in multi-bedroom Villa, other nights in a hotel and few nights in dorm style arrangements

The more remote the location, the less cookie cutter hotel room we will see

(We suggest ear plugs or white noise machines if you plan to join us.)

**Depending on location, some bathrooms will be shared

Please call with any concerns or questions ask for Olga (585) 690-1926

For 100% private room + bath nightly please add $1500 more to pricing


$1000 deposit in order to hold space

When you register, please be committed to attending. Get in touch ahead of time with any questions. We are able to refund 100% of your tuition if notified three months before the course starts(Oct, 15, 2019). 50% if one month, and 25% if two weeks or less.

Payment plans are welcome.

The Food + Eating in Greece

We will guarantee every food allergy can be accommodated with some exceptions(see below)

Greece has what the world considers “The Mediterranean Diet”

“abundant in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and olive oil. It features fish and poultry—lean sources of protein—over red meat.

Red wine is consumed regularly but in moderate amounts.”

I would have to attest to that, but I would say you can safely be well fed with most dietary restrictions.  Expect lots of fresh salads, wild greens, vegan & yogurt based spreads, home style cooking, which can & will include meat and dairy some of the time. However, one thing we will guarantee you will be filled with the best foods throughout the whole trip.  Ill be bringing you to my favorite markets, restaurants, cafes, taverns and shoppes.

.  Vegetarian + Vegan

This tour is simple for vegetarians and even vegans to have a fairly easy time finding and enjoying what Greece has to offer.

Gluten Free?

This country is rather BREAD + flour heavy.  From the phyllo dough in every spanakopita, to home bake bread on every table makes it very impossible to avoid the presence of gluten.  Please consider this if you have a strict and serious gluten allergy.

Please notify us prior to registration if you have other questions or concerns about the cuisine we will be enjoying.

Doing More with your Trip:

We get to explore and travel freely.  We are allowed to pick our own experiences and return to our homes with the feelings of freedom, relaxation and so much more knowledge in our brains than when we started off. However, there are people who came to Greece not for holiday but in order to survive and reach family in other countries.  Millions of climate and war refugees have traveled by land and sea to flee their homes and ended up, for lack of a better word, stuck in Greece because the EU has closed borders, so camps and centers are beyond capacity. We have partnered with locals who are on the ground, organizing with other citizens and orgs to supply camps, families and refugees with the care and support that is needed. Below is a list of items that are welcomed, we also are planning a special PRE-tour day to go to markets in Thessaloniki and buying items on the list that are easy to buy in Greece than be brought from the States.

If you can check another bag with more belongings to share with people undergoing extreme conditions and lack of public services PLEASE DO!

Personal hygiene items: Shampoo, Soap bars, Shower gels, Nail clippers, Shaving items

Children’s items: Baby wipes, Diapers (sizes 2-6), Baby milk powder (1-3), Evaporated milk, Baby food (cream of wheat, baby porridge, etc), Feeding bottles, Diaper rash cream

Cleaning items: Brooms, Mops, Bowls for washing clothes, Buckets, Wettex pads, Kitchen sponges, Clothes pegs, Garbage disposal bags, Single use latex gloves, Laundry detergent (for hand washing), All purpose detergent, Glass cleaning detergent, Washing up liquid, Bleach

Food items: Cocoa, Sugar, Evaporated milk, Marmalades and jams, Chocolate praline spread, Croissants, Biscuits and cookies, Fruit juices, Hot tea packets

Cooking items: Legumes (lentils, chickpeas, etc), Tomato purée, Rice, Oil (olive oil and sunflower oil), Salt, Frozen vegetables, Fresh vegetables

Spices: Curry, Cumin, Turmeric, Mint, Paprika, Pepper, Cinnamon, Nutmeg

Special items: Life Straws, water filters, hand warmers, rain ponchos, emergency blankets, incontinence pads for adults, 2-3 baby strollers, 5-6 heating appliances), underwear, ie) boxers, briefs, womens, and childrens underwear. SOCKS! Wool but any are great!

May need a wheelchair in future, but not urgent

Obviously many of these items are best to be bought within Greece.

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