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The Fruiting Body

The Fruiting Body


The Fruiting Body: Immersion into the World of Mushrooms & Fungi

Use all your senses to learn about the vast & diverse world of mushroom & fungi.  Examining their ancient story that connects humans and all life to them. Take a look at the roles mushrooms play within our lives, the forest, and in food systems. Learn basic concepts of mycology, and explore into their biology.  Enter into the "wood wide web" and find out how they exist in nature & in return be nurtured by them, for food, medicine & ceremony.  We will begin and end our class with a guided meditation led by Carolyn Baron of Botanarchy. 

Come comfy and be ready for the connection between our worlds. This learning session will be super intimate and small, limited space for only 8-10 people. Please pre-register. 

$40 includes mushroom tea sampling