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Here it is, folks! If you're interested in growing your own edible and medicinal mushrooms in your garden or home, you've come to the right place! We have two types of grow kits for at home cultivation for sale. Learn about the differences, and choose based on your growing accessability!

Plug spawn are wooden dowels that get hammered into fresh cut logs and then are stacked or buried in your garden or outdoor space. This is a couple day project that will fruit for years to come.

Sawdust spawn are easy take-home kits that can generally be fruited immediately and will bear mushrooms within 10-20 days. They will usually fruit up to two times, yielding multiple pounds of mushrooms!

Click the links above to browse our fine selection of strains and to find out more about what growing method is right for you! As always, please email us with any questions, comments or ideas you have along the way!

Please also be mindful that when orders are placed and you choose two-day shipping this DOES NOT mean your order ships in two days from the date your order was made but rather that's the times it takes to get to your doorstep from our facilities once shipped. Most orders take 1-3 weeks to fulfill dependent on species of mushroom, season and availability, If you are in a pinch for time PLEASE contact us directly by phone to place an order to ensure we can fulfill it. Thanks!