Smugtown Mushrooms
Fungi have a rich history and are praised as the best medicines, the most flavorful food and the Earth’s best and crucial decomposers. We need Fungi and therefore, we must know, respect and protect the lands that they reside-for humans and all life.

Rochester NY Cultivators of fresh mushrooms, and plants. Spawn & mushroom cultivation supplier for the East Coast of North America. Smugtown Mushrooms is fueled to provide people with the finest mushroom products. We want to make quality food, medicine and mushroom cultures available to all. Our humble crew of gatherers have been foraging mushrooms and plants for years in the Rochester area. Fungi are our passion. Not just for food and medicine, but their ability to bring us back to nature.

We arent here to patent strains, or own anyones culture. We want to encourage citizen science, seed saving, spore taking and species cataloging for the good of the planet not for profit. Smugtown Mushrooms wants to empower and help create a cleaner, healthier and sustainable local and global environment. Let’s celebrate and spread the spores of knowledge, community and the natural world.